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  • Why should I stage my house?
    Why do you have professional pictures taken? We know that 95% of buyers look on-line for houses before they ever step foot in a listing. The pictures need to look top notch, right? However, pictures are only as good as the subjects they are capturing. Staging makes potential buyers want to see the house. Once the buyer is in the house, staging gives them an emotional response that enables them to imagine what their life will be like if they live there.
  • Do you have statistics to support staging?
    National statistics have shown time and again that staging is likely to provide a 6-25% return on investment. We can provide you with multiple national statistics supporting staging, but how much weight should you place on those. We know the NCW market is different than the national averages. We also know that there are many factors to how fast and how much a house will sell for. I could tell you about the house we staged in Leavenworth last summer that sold in 3 days for $220K over asking. That sure makes YellowGate’s stats look great even though the house was priced below market and the buyer was willing to pay a premium to buy the house next door to his aging mother. I could also tell you about the house that we staged recently that is still sitting on the market. But then I would also need to explain that the house is on the market for $300K more than it’s next closest competitor. No amount of staging in the world can help a price gap that large. Think of staging as another tool, similar to professional cleaning, window washing, and photographs, that when brought together have a huge impact on the effectiveness of marketing your house.
  • How much does home occupied staging cost?
    We charge $325* for a 2-hour consultation, during which will walk through your house with you and make recommendations for how to make your house best appeal to buyers. *Additional fees apply for locations outside the Wenatchee Valley.
  • How does it work?
    A Certified Professional Stager will go to your house and spend 2 hours walking through the house, giving you recommendations for how to make changes that will make your house most appealing to buyers. We will provide you with a clipboard and paper to take notes on, but if you are not a note taker, or if the process feels overwhelming, we can provide you with a written report full of pictures, to-do lists, and priorities. Some sellers don't have the time, or the interest in making the changes. For those people, we can actually come in and make the changes for you at an hourly rate.
  • Can't I just clean up and take all my pictures off the wall?
    That is half correct. The house needs to be cleaned and de-cluttered. However, don't remove everything. People don't buy houses, they buy lifestyles. A buyer needs to be able to imagine what their life will be like if they live in that house. Does anyone live with completely empty kitchen counters? There is a balance that we, as professional stagers, know how to strike that will allow a buyer to see themselves living there.
  • How much does vacant staging cost?
    Just as every house is different, so is every house's staging needs. Staging a vacant house can range from $3,000 to over $10,000, however the typical 3 bedroom, single family home will average around $4,200.
  • How does it work?
    If you haven't been through the process of having a house staged, it may feel a little intimidating. The good news is, you have very little to do. Let us do the heavy lifting. The first step is for you to contact us. After we collect a few pieces of information, we will schedule a time to go "preview" the house. Once we have seen the house we will provide you with written quote. Upon acceptance of the quote, the seller and Real Estate Agent will receive a contract via docusign and an invoice for 50% of the quoted charges. Although we will discuss possible staging dates during the preview, we will lock in a date for your stage once the contract is signed and we receive the deposit. About a week prior to your stage, you will receive an invoice for the remainder of the staging fee. The invoice must be paid at least 72 hours prior to the staging date. On staging day, our crew will move everything in and make your space beautiful. Since beauty can't be rushed, we ask that we have exclusive access to the house to the entire day. If the house needs to stay staged beyond the first month, the credit card that we have on file for you will be charged for the monthly furnishings rental amount, agreed upon in the quote. Finally, once your house is sold we will schedule a date to de-stage the house and you will be on to your next adventure.
  • Where do you get the furnishings?
    Believe it or not, we own all of our furnishings from sofas and tables to magazines and coffee mugs. We have a large warehouse where we store items while they wait for their vacant house to go into.
  • Which rooms should I stage?
    Surveys conducted by both the National Association of Realtors and the Real Estate Staging Association both found that respondents identified the living room as the most important room to stage, with the kitchen and primary bedroom a close second. I believe this has to do with furniture arrangement and room size. How often have you heard a potential buyer say, “do you think our couch will fit in here?” or “where would we put the couch and tv?” Staging paints that picture for them.
  • What about virtual staging?
    Virtual staging is the practice of taking photographs of the rooms and having pictures of furnishings added to those photos for your online listings. Some companies who offer this service are really good and it is difficult to tell that the furnishings aren’t real when looking at the pictures. Here is the issue. Psychologists will tell you that one of the biggest contributing factors to anger and disappointment is unmet expectations. As a potential buyer, expecting to see the house they looked at online, walking in to an empty house will create a negative emotional reaction. It will take a lot of convincing to turn that negativity around.
  • How much does design cost?
    Although every project has it's own unique needs, all of our design projects start with an initial consultation that costs $325*. During this 2 hour, on-site, appointment, one of our designers will meet with you to discuss the project, become familiar with your space and style, and then give you ideas on how to make your space work for you. If you are a DIY'er and just need us to help you brainstorm ideas, the initial consultation is usually all you will need. However, for larger projects or if you prefer to have our designers do the hands on work for you, we would move forward at an hourly rate. This cost is highly customized and dependent on you and your project. *surcharges apply for locations outside the Wenatchee Valley area.
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