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Occupied Staging and Consulting

Occupied houses present a real challenge for those occupying the house.  People don't LIVE in staged houses.  We have the skill to use what you already have, and possibly sprinkle a few additional things in, to make your house the most marketable it can be.  We give tips and tricks on how to live in your house while it is on the market.

Walk & Talk

All occupied houses begin with a "Walk & Talk" consultation.  In this intensive and fun 2-hour session we will walk through each space in your house discussing ways to make it more appealing to buyers.  We will make recommendations such as furniture arrangements, color schemes, accessory placement, and home repairs that will make your house stand out amongst the competition.  



Yellow Couch

Written Report

If taking notes is not your thing, or if the Walk & Talk just seems a bit overwhelming, we can provide a written report for you.  This 10-25 page report includes pictures, floorplans, to-do lists and priority lists.


Yellow Rose

Hands-On Staging

Some people just don't enjoy staging as much as we do.  If you are too busy or staging is just not your thing, we are happy to go to your house and do the hands on work for you.

$75/hr./crew member

* Services limited to staging.  Home repairs should be provided by licensed professionals.

Accessory Rental

There will almost always be recommendations for items such as fresh towels, bedding, rugs, etc.  If you don't want to invest in shopping for and purchasing these items, we have a full inventory at your disposal.  


Neat Desk

Personal Shopping

If some of the items we recommend you add to your house sound like something you would like to take to your next house, we are happy to shop for those items for you.


* Additional charges may apply for houses greater than 25 miles from East Wenatchee.

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