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Occupied Consultation with Report

After a 2 hour walk & talk, the homeowner was motivated to make the changes, but a little overwhelmed with the "to-do" list.  We added on a written report which ended up being 25 pages long.  Within 1 week he had completed everything on the checklist in the report and the only expense was for paint.  Everything else was already in the house, we just moved items from one room to another.  This house went under contract within 3 days for $34K (5.25%) over asking price.

AFTER (3).png
AFTER (1).png
AFTER (4).png
AFTER (2).png
AFTER (5).png
AFTER (11 × 8.5 in).png
AFTER (11 × 8.5 in) (8.5 × 11 in) (11 × 8.5 in).png
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