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A Guide to Achieve the Modern Farmhouse Style

The modern farmhouse style is a style that has adapted over the years from a fad into a sophisticated, modern take on the early American style. Many big-name designers like Joanna Gaines and Shea McGee have trademarked this as their signature style. You can even see in the earlier years of Joanna Gaines's career, she developed from the fad farmhouse style into a modern approach of adapting the old world antiques into the modern world.

The question is, how do you achieve this new adaptation of the farmhouse style in your home without it looking like the farmhouse style from the mid-2010’s? You could easily look up “modern farmhouse furniture” and start buying pieces you love. What tends to happen when you do this is your space starts to look like you copied and pasted the design of one furniture piece to the next. Before you know it, all your pieces are white with shiplap and a detail of natural wood. To achieve a more curated, sophisticated farmhouse style, use our tips below. 

As designers, we break style down into materials versus the overall look we are wanting to achieve. When our clients come to us wanting the modern farmhouse style with inspiration from Joanna Gaines, we think of the materials that go into the style that can achieve the feel of a modern farmhouse. For this specific style, you will want to use greenery, and natural materials like wood, iron, stone, and jute. These materials will be your blueprint when shopping for furniture pieces. Narrowing down the materials you can use in a design helps remove the paralyzing decision-making process when shopping and helps you stick to a plan. It is okay to use shiplap in some areas of the home as accent pieces, such as an accent wall or on a fireplace. I would avoid shiplap on furniture pieces because it takes away the sophistication of the piece. 

For example, YellowGate Designs put together a furniture board with pieces that emulate the farmhouse style through their materials. You can shop this board’s pieces here!  

A way to make the space feel more curated is to add contrast throughout your pieces. If you purchase a coffee table in a beautiful natural wood, opt for a sideboard in a weathered black or darker stain. Mixing the stains and colors of your larger pieces makes the space look like you have been developing it for years versus going to a box store and purchasing a matching table set. Another way to add the farmhouse character and create a curated look is by using repurposed accents.

If you need help finding the perfect pieces or pulling your space together, our interior designers at YellowGate Designs are here to help! Call us today to schedule a discovery call with our interior designer so we can figure out how to help you with your design needs!

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