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Elevate Your Space: 2024 Home Staging Must Haves

When it comes to selling your home, first impressions matter. Home staging is the art of preparing your residence to appeal to potential buyers, showcasing its full potential and creating a lasting impact. Whether you're a seasoned real estate professional or a homeowner looking to sell, home staging can significantly increase your property's appeal and value.

As stagers we have some essential home staging must-haves that we use to transform your space and captivate prospective buyers. 

Starting from the outside of the home, curb appeal is a staging non negotiable! Buyers create an impression of your home within the first 7 seconds which starts outside! A staging must have we always utilize is a fresh coco coir welcome mat that says “home”. We like to use welcome mats with the word home to get the buyer to start thinking of the property as a home. Click on the image to shop!

Moving into the home we like to use jute rugs for the front entry and as area rugs. Jute rugs are the perfect neutral rug to use for staging because they warm up a space without competing with it. The furniture in a staged home should be complimenting the home without competing for the buyers attention from the home. This is why most stagers opt for neutral furnishes and decor. 

9'x12' jute area rug. Click on the image to shop.

3'x5' entryway rug. Click on the image to shop.

Kitchens sell! The kitchen makes up 30% of the buyers decision in the purchasing of a home. We take a special attention to detail in the kitchens for that reason! We have several staging must-haves for the kitchen such as, an arrangement of cutting boards, oil and vinegar set, cookbook display, and an island centerpiece which is usually a vase and stems or a bowl of faux fruit! Click on the images below to shop.

In the bathrooms we like to make buyers feel like they are at a spa with the use of fluffy white towels and greenery! We use an assortment of bath, hand, and face towels to create a spa-like experience. We will use faux plants and, for larger bathrooms, stems and vases to add greenery.  Click on the images below to shop.

Bath Towels Bath Towels

The spa experience doesn’t stop at the bathroom, we also like to make the buyers feel like they are at a retreat with the use of white fluffy bedding in bedrooms. The idea is to make buyers feel relaxed in the home so they associate the home with good feelings.  Click on the image below to shop.

Other decor staging must-haves we use on every stage are faux plants, coffee table books, trays for console tables, and throw pillows and blankets. The use of these decor items is to make the space feel cozy, warm and inviting. We use neutral, muted and earthy tones for our throws and tend to stay away from any bright colors to not distract the buyers from the home.

Home staging is a powerful tool for maximizing the appeal and value of your property in the competitive real estate market. By incorporating these essential home staging must-haves into your selling strategy, you can create a welcoming and irresistible space that resonates with buyers and helps you achieve a successful sale. Remember, the goal of home staging is to highlight your home's potential and create a lasting impression that leaves buyers eager to make it their own. Call in the professionals at YellowGate Designs to make your listing stand out from the rest.

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