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How to Achieve a Natural Christmas Tree

If you have seen the Christmas tree that we are sponsoring for the Festival of Trees this year and are wondering how to achieve the look, keep reading. The best part about this Christmas tree is you can find everything you'll need on Amazon!

Festival of Trees Christmas Tree

This is YellowGate Design's first year sponsoring a Christmas tree at the Festival of Trees.

We had a great time setting up and decorating the tree and it definitely put us all in the Christmas spirit.

Our trees theme was "Like the Ones I Use to Know". We wanted our tree to give a sense of nostalgia to its viewers. We went with simple, natural and traditional decorations, but with a touch of modern. To achieve this look shop the links below!

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The Tree

The tree we used isn't as full as your typical tree to make it feel like you chopped it down yourself.

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The Filler

We added dimension to the tree by using eucalyptus as a filler for the tree.

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The Garland

To achieve the natural element we used wood beads as garland in replace of the typical tinsel garland.

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The Ornaments

We used white ornaments to brighten up the tree. The gold on the ornaments reflects the light from the tree lights. Pro tip; place ornaments like these deeper in the tree to reflect light.

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We decided to use red ornaments for a pop of color because we wanted to use a traditional color palette.

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These paper ornaments were the star of the show on our tree!

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The Decorations

For another natural element we used real oranges, cinnamon sticks, and pine cones for extra decorations.

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Another traditional element we use were these antique bell decorations.

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We used red velvet ribbon to make bows to drape on the tree to give it a hand made look.

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The Topper

Lastly, we used a wooden star tree topper for another natural element.

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Happy decorating and happy holidays!

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