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How To Choose The Correct Rug Size

When designing your space, the most important concept to understand is scale. When pieces in your room are different scales, it can bring down the overall look of the room. To achieve the elevated look of a professionally designed room the rug needs to fit the space and size of the furniture in the room.

When shopping for a rug the rule of thumb is for it to be large enough for all of the front legs of the furniture in the space to be on the rug. Whatever you do don't put one rug under the sofa and then another under the accent chairs, this will make the room look disjointed. Only do that in cases where you are meaning to separate the room into different zones. By following this rule you also are maximizing the size of your room.

We want to see your beautiful spaces! If you used this guide to select a rug for your space send us a photo on Instagram or Facebook so we can share it! Or post your photo on your own socials and tag YellowGate. Have fun designing!

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