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How to Design Your Home Based On Your Habits

Interior design and organization go hand-in-hand, and it is something as interior designers that we are always considering when working with our clients. 

Interior designers create space plans and designs around our client's habits so we can create beautiful and functional spaces.

After living in your space for a while, you learn your habits and where most clutter, shoes, and bags end up within your home. To create a space that makes sense for you and your family, study your habits and build a plan around them. 

For most families, the entryway is typically a drop zone where most clutter, shoes, and bags end up. A way to design your space based on the habit of dropping everything at the door is to have furniture pieces that can keep these items organized. Placing a console table with a shelf that can hold baskets allows space for shoes by the door. This method will tidy the space up while making it beautiful! 

A great way to keep your items organized and beautiful is through the use of baskets! Baskets are an easy and affordable way to keep the items you don’t want on display in a convenient and hidden place. We use baskets to hide shoes, organize blankets or towels, hold toys, and much more! YellowGate Designs is always posting our go-to organizers on our website! To shop some of our favorite baskets, click here

Another design secret to an organized space is the use of cabinets. Built-in cabinets in living rooms are popular right now. Adding a built-in bookcase or cabinet to your space can store your collection of movies, games, and records while making your living room look sleek and clutter-free. 

Another way to design around your habits to create an organized space is to purchase furniture that has built-in storage. Ottomans that open up, can store extra blankets and keep your living room clutter-free. Blanket ladders are another way to store blankets and show them off as decoration. If you need storage in your dining room, you can build a breakfast nook with bench seats that open up to store any table runners, tablecloths, napkins, and more! 

There are many ways to maximize your space to live an organized life. YellowGate Designs educated interior designers and professional organizers specialize in elevating spaces to make life easier. Call us today if you are ready to elevate your life!

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