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How To Hang Curtains Like A Designer

Are you curious how to achieve the designer high end curtain look that you see in magazines and on Pinterest? Let this guide show you how easy it is to achieve!

Before you start drilling holes, you will need to make some important measurements. First, you will need to measure how high to hang the curtains. There are two important rules to know to find that measurement. The first rule is the curtains need to be 6"-12" above your window frame. The second rule is the curtains need to graze the floor, about 1/2" above the floor. Once you have found where that measurement is make a mark on the wall. The next measurement you will need is the width of your window frame. Once you have found the width add 8"-12" on each side of the window. This measurement will be how wide you hang your curtain rod. Designers add these extra measurements to the overall width and height to maximize the look of your wall and make the room feel bigger.

Now that you have made all the important measurements, go ahead and drill your holes and hang up your rod! When buying the perfect curtains make sure to buy enough fabric to give your space the full designer look! To figure out the right amount of fabric you need, multiply the width of the rod you hung up by 2. For example, if your window is 40" long and you added 8" on each side of your window, the width of your rod would need to be 56" long. You would need 112" of fabric for your curtains!

If you take a stab at hanging them based off our guide send us a photo through Instagram or Facebook and we will post your master piece! Or post a photo and tag YellowGate Designs! We want to see your beautiful spaces! Good luck hanging your curtains!

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