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How To Select The Perfect Piece of Art Pt 2.

Nothing cheapens the look of a room faster than art that is out of scale! Last we covered art in the bedroom but this week let's talk about the scale of art in the living room and other spaces of your home.

The designer rule of hanging art is it should be 1/2 to 2/3 the width of the furniture or wall the art is being hung above or on. We will demonstrate with art above the sofa, but you can use this rule of thumb for art above any furniture, fireplace or blank wall. For example, if your sofa is 84" wide, then your art or art groupings should have an overall width of 42" to 60". If you want to do a grouping of art, purchase three 18" pieces that are 3" apart.

The most common mistake people make when hanging art is it is too high. For the perfect height, the middle of the piece should be at the eye level of someone that is about 5'5".

We want to see your beautiful spaces! If you attempted to hang your own art at home based on our guide, please send us a DM with a photo of your masterpiece on Instagram or Facebook so we can post it! Or post your own photo and tag YellowGate Designs! Good Luck!

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