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Purging and Organizing Your Closet 101

I know going through clothing items can be difficult because our clothes and styles are an extension of ourselves and hold memories. Even though you wore your peplum top a bunch in the 2010s, and it has memories attached to it, will you wear it anytime soon? It might be time for it to go.

Like many things in life, we grow out of clothes and styles, and many items become cluttered in our closets. It is important to know how to let go and purge your closet to reduce clutter.

If you are worried about the money you spend on an item and don’t want to “waste money,” you have to accept that it is a sunk cost, whether it is in your closet or at Goodwill. You can also always try selling your finer pieces on Facebook Marketplace. 

Follow these easy steps to purge your closet and keep it purged.

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First things first, create three piles. One pile is for items you want to keep, the second is for items to be donated, and the third is for trash.

Step 1. Is It Outdated?

One way to purge some of your clothes is if the item is outdated. By outdated, is the article past its prime, torn or stained? If so, go ahead and throw those pieces out. An item can also fall into the outdated category if it is not a timeless piece you can use in multiple outfits. 

Step 2. Does It Fit?

We all have pieces that we have outgrown that we might be holding onto “just in case.” It is okay to hold on to one or two pieces you love that don’t fit anymore if you plan on getting back to that size. If not, go ahead and donate that piece. Even if you get back to that size, you can reward yourself by buying new clothes!

Step 3. Does It Bring You Joy?

Does the article of clothing bring you joy when you wear it? Do you like the way it looks, or are you still into that style? If not, go ahead and put that baby in the donation pile.

Step 4. Relocate

If there are still a few pieces that you are on the fence about, relocate them to another closet or storage bin. If you don’t find yourself reaching for those pieces within a few months, go ahead and donate those pieces. 

Step 5. Out of Season

Another way to reduce clutter in your closet is to move pieces that are out of season, such as sweaters in the summer, to a storage bin or another closet until that season rolls around. 

Step 6: Keep It Organized

It’s great that you purged all those clothes, but now you need to keep it organized. How can you do that, you ask? 

First, you need to have a system in place to keep your pieces in your closet organized. YellowGate Designs posts our go-to organization pieces on our website every week. Check out our go-to closet organizers here! Once you have your closet organizers, you can create an organized system or have YellowGate Designs Professional Organizers create a system for you. 

Next, you or YellowGate Designs can create a daily checklist of things to do to keep a tidy closet. This checklist will look different for everyone and their needs, but the basics are; putting dirty clothes in the laundry, hanging any coats back up, putting shoes back on the shelf, and returning any accessories back to their designated spots.  

If you need help organizing your space give us a call to get started today!

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