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Purging Your Pantry 101

With spring finally upon us it is time to start thinking about spring cleaning! One of the many places that can become cluttered and overwhelming throughout the year is the pantry! Pantries can become a mess in the blink of an eye, especially when everyone in the house is sorting through them multiple times a day!

How can we set up a system that keeps the mess at bay and the stress away?

Follow these helpful tips to purge your pantry and keep it organized for you and your family.

Step 1: Pull Everything Out

First, take everything out of your pantry and go through the food items. Sometimes, things get pushed to the back and forgotten about, so throw out any expired or stale food first. 

While everything is pulled out, take this opportunity to clean out the pantry, wipe down the shelves, and sweep and mop the floor.

Step 2: Consolidate

Nowadays, everything is double and triple-packed in boxes, bags, and plastic wrap. Some of these packaging can take up a lot of space. This is where you can make your pantry functional and beautiful. You can swap out boxes for baskets or glass containers. YellowGate Designs posts our go-to organization pieces on our website every week. Check out our go-to pantry organizers here

Step 3: Make a system

Once you have your pantry organizers, you can put everything back and create an organized system or have YellowGate Designs Professional Organizers create a system for you! Some tips for an organized pantry would be to group similar items and categorize everything so items are easy to find. All the food products you use regularly, such as snacks, cereals, and dinner ingredients, should be easy to reach. Any food products you do not use as often, such as baking goods, should be placed on higher shelves.

Organizing a home can be stressful, time-consuming, and sometimes impossible when it comes to your own belongings. If you do not have the time or need help organizing your space,

the experts at YellowGate Designs to organize your space for you!

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