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Staging Must Haves

As professional stagers we have seen it all. We've tried it all. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don't. These are the tried and true products that we use and love.

Coffee Table Book

The easiest way to take your coffee table to a new level. A nice coffee table book next to a plant and a candle goes a long way.

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Hospitality White Towels

Nothing says spa like fluffy white towels. We have found these to be the best towels for the price.

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Utopia White Duvet Insert

Whether covered with a duvet cover or left as is, this duvet insert is an inexpensive way to make a bed look luxurious.

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Slim Black Velvet Hangers

A quick and inexpensive way to make a closet look organized and large, these hanger allow clothing to take up less space and give an upscale feel.

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Simple White Mug

Although we love our "Best Mom" mug, buyers want to believe they will dine (and drink) on fine white China. Give them that illusion when you set up a coffee station.

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White Faux Orchid

With their simplicity and elegance, orchids soften a room and add a touch of finesse. Multiple retailers sell them.

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Fresh Throw Pillows

There is nothing more "homey" than soft throw pillows on a sofa. These are a way to add fresh pillows without breaking the bank.

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White Bed in a Bag

Keep it simple. A matching all white bed in a bag makes sure you have all of the pieces you need a low price.

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