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The Real Repercussions of Virtual Staging

As real estate investors and agents wrestle with tight budgetary constraints, we have witnessed the emergence of virtual staging. This is the digital representation of “what could be” in a home, versus the actual staging and placement of furniture and decor in a space. 

The truth is, virtual staging is less expensive than actual home staging, but this is just another instance where you get what you pay for. Virtual staging can successfully draw the attention of potential buyers, but breeds distrust when they actually arrive at a barren home instead of the beautiful representation they viewed online. Talk about a letdown! In the end, most homes that are virtually staged sit on the market longer and require steep price reductions to garner an eventual sale. The cost of price reductions in most of these cases far outweighs what the cost of actual home staging would have been.

Conversely, home staging is the actual placement of furniture, art, and decor in a house to make it beautiful and desirable to potential home buyers. Home staging helps buyers see the potential furniture placement and the ideal flow throughout the space. It can give purpose to awkward or confusing spaces, highlight positive features, and distract from any less-than-desirable aspects of the house. With home staging, what you see online in the listing is what you get in-person, fostering a feeling of integrity and trust between the seller, real estate agent, and potential buyer. 

The bottom line is: virtual staging leads to real-life disappointment for all parties involved. 

For a happier ending, contact a Certified Professional Home Stager who is trained in both the aesthetics and psychology of connecting with potential home buyers. Let us help you sell your home fast, and for top dollar!

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