Available Services

Vacant Staging

Vacant houses are houses that will not have anyone living in them while on the market.  They may be completely empty or have some furnishings left by the home owner to be used for staging.  All houses need furniture and accessories in order to evoke a particular lifestyle that buyers believe they are buying. 

Occupied Staging

Occupied houses present a real challenge for those occupying the house.  People don't LIVE in staged houses.  We have the skill to use what you already have, and possibly sprinkle a few additional things in, to make your house the most marketable it can be.  We give tips and tricks on how to live in your house while it is on the market.


Whether you are refreshing a current space, preparing for a remodel, furnishing your new home, or looking for a color change, we have a service that will help you achieve your decorating goals.